My latest Luna article discussing how you can write successfully everyday, and that writer’s block is due to disorganization, not a lack of inspiration.


Voula says she doesn’t understand
my Greek 

[ but can feel it anyway ]

She was the one to close
my sister’s eyes when she died

Said Basilie saw Yuri, kept saying
his name 

[ chanting ]

For sisters, we seldom saw
each other

[ only once ]

I travelled to Greece, saw
my mother’s eyes as hers

Those stories about siblings
separated are only supposed to be

for the movies
On a boat back to Greece,

my mother left Maine—
my sister barely alive

[ in her ]

Now I’m at that age
when it’s not about my whole life

[ ahead of me ]

Everyone around me
is dying—it’s not that I want to be

last but I sure as hell
don’t want to be

[ next ]

 (Published in V23 Creative Magazine)